Board Mtg. Minutes

January 3, 2017

Joylne Dalzell’s Home                        15 Members Present
500 Washington Ave
Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Doug Rauschenberger, President, called the meeting to order at 10:10 am. He welcomed all to the meeting.  He thanked Christine for acquiring a wonderful substitute Speaker for the December General Meeting.  There was discussion, following his comment, about how rude HGC members were to leave the meeting early and talking during the presentation.  The General Meeting ends at 2:30pm.

Recording Secretary:  Doug said the Minutes, taken by Kathy Callan, were sent out and asked it there were any changes or additions to the minutes.  A motion was made by Jo Pecorelli to accept the Minutes and the motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bobbie Schmidt reported that there is an available balance of $9,978.19 in the checking account.  Bobbie said that the State is charging each member $4 more in assessments next year and perhaps we should raise the Annual Dues to $50 in April.  Doug will look into how we get approval to increase the dues.

Corresponding Secretary:  Glenna not present so no report.


Doug reported that the website is being revised so that he and Glenna can make changes to it.

Jeanette reported that the State has made large posters on Butterflies and Bees, listing favored plants, to be sold to Nurseries and Garden Centers.  She will keep us updated.

Pat reported that there is a store on Kings Court that sell violets and health foods.

Jolyne announced that she is the Chair for the State Annual Meeting on 6/8/17.  The speaker for that meeting is Paul Cowie and his topic is the Story of the 9/11 Memorial Tree.  Cost of meeting and lunch is $50.

Jolyne requested that Glenna send a letter to the Markeim that we have discontinued caring for their planters.  The Markheim now charges us $200 for a meeting there.

Jo reported that there will be a Flower Arranging Course at the Methodist Church is February.  She will email Doug the information.


Philadelphia Flower Show:  Margie Leone reported she is working with Betsy Gagliardi and Chris Courtney.  The theme is Holland and The Window Sill is our Category.  East Meets West is the title of our display and they are ordering flowers now from Meadow Brook Farms.  The Flower Show is 3/11 – 3/19.

Programs:  Christine reported that our January meeting is at the Lutheran Church and the topic is Winter Blooming Plants.

Civic Liaison:  Marian was not present so no report.

Flowers in the Library:  Ronnie Malady reported that she is resigning from Flowers in the Library next year.  She is very happy to be moving to Tarditi Commons.

Garden Therapy:  Mary Kaufman was not present so no report.

Christmas in the Library: Kathy Callan asked Doug who was responsible for decorating the Library for Christmas and he said that it was Lorrie Hart.  Theresa Gostovich had a family illness so Lorrie took over.  Kathy remarked that is was well done and others agreed.


NEW BUSINESS:  Doug appointed Liz Taransky, Debbie Derkoski, Betsy Anderson, Kathy Callan and Jo Pecorelli to the Nominating Committee.

Doug thanked Jolyne for hosting our meeting today.

Jolyne made the motion to adjourn the meeting – the motion carried and the meeting ended at 10:55am.

Respectively submitted,

Josephine Pecorelli
Recording Secretary